Folk climbing through Gardens

Sometimes life just happens. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks, you try to pick yourself up and when you get up, over a year passed. For me, the ton of bricks was university stress, managing my mental health, coping without therapy, balancing a part-time job with university work, and panicking about the […]

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familiarity in the face of despair

There’s something about walking to a place of familiarity when you feel most lost inside your brain. Reliving the good memories while in a state self-hatred, the movement through that place does bring, to some extent, provide some kind of inner peace that you need when you’re in despair, especially when you’re trying to keep […]

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wet feet and clean lungs

I wanted to get out of the city for a few hours. No, scratch that, I needed to get out of the city. The past two months have been incredibly hectic and my mental health has plummeted. If you’ve seen me around, I may look stable and okay but in fact I am at my […]

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bah humbug

I hate Christmas. I hate it for a variety of reasons, from the lack of family to celebrate with to how jolly and happy everyone is when I’m a bundle of misery. It is beautiful when I experience it with other people but the problem is that those people go away and I lose that ability […]

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revisiting my madness

There’s something about walking down an old path that is a struggle to go through. There’s something intimidating about walking down a new path that feels like an old path, a path you have tried so hard to forget. I have a habit of repressing scary memories, but psychotherapy is helping me to unravel them. I used […]

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the aftermath

The aftermath of a panic attack is always an experience. I revert back to the way I was when I was a child. I stutter, I avoid going outside, I push away people who I know will make me happy. I speak very slowly and quietly and with a shaky stuttery voice. I move very […]

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